You drop it gently down
to the bending grass,
you turn your back to the wind
and gauge how it ruffles your hair.

You let out a little line
and run hopefully, arm extended,
an invitation to the kite
that bounces toward you
like eager puppy on a leash.

The kite finds its playground—
its field of air—
forgetting you and its shadow
left grounded.

But you still feel it’s with you—
dancing with you in the distance,
though almost out of sight,
you feel its pulse
in the line
in your hand.

You let the line out slowly,
feel it could go forever—
the string quivers
as if to say yes,
and you let out a little more line.


marsowords-modified image of original by Jim Champion [CC-BY-SA-2.0] via Wikimedia Commons


2 thoughts on “Kite

  1. children and kites … a relationship of letting out line .. almost out of sight-yet the heart knows (pulse) and never lets go …


    • Yes…I like reading your interpretation.
      Intuition that holds the pen often wonders what it has written, feels it has captured something, and is open to/curious what others may find in it. Thank you for commenting!



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