Hand-numbing, gnarling cold,
face-warming, waning sun,
winter’s afternoon.

End-of-day nearing
at three o’clock—
so early, so late.

Seeking color in monotone greys,
finding warm tones hunched-over cold—
grimacing leaves in brittle readiness

confirming each footstep
with a crackling snap
like a lighter striking flint.

Each leaf shatters—
harmless shards
that scatter like

Each one cracks a code—

reticent cold,
hardening darkness,
and something else
unspoken of
for so long—


and stirring.



3 thoughts on “Recollection

    • Thanks Bette! You answered my question (as I posted): why post autumn on this sunny spring day? Yes, there is calendar season, and then there is what we actually experience on any given day, huh? : ) Thanks again!



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