I Found my Heart. . . in San Francisco. . .

Just a snapshot: high rises, building crane, galleries, gardens, water, and always walking. . .

On this sunny, warm and beautiful May day, I just posted another poem referring to autumn. Reading it again reminds me how, after months of early sunsets, it’s good to be enjoying longer days.

To cross the  seasonal threshold however, one may need to ruffle the pages of one’s internal calendar.  I did.

Fortunately, I had a little trip planned long ago, as I had almost forgotten how good it can feel to get away–to take a little departure from routine.

I’m happily writing this from San Francisco, rephrasing the song title “I Left my Heart in San Francisco” to describe how I feel.

There is good energy here, as if I’m a student again at a busy university campus.

I ‘m enjoying the varied skyline that changes with the light; that, along with  galleries and gardens, all begin to look like art!

Wishing you all a change of pace or place–anything that invigorates.

Take care,




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