Quince blossom 4-26-2013 10-43-14 PM

No blossom, no fruit.
Blossom falls too soon, no fruit.
Blossom without bees, no fruit.

Wish the blossom stays year-round?
Love the fruit, but the blossom more?

Blossom must fall for fruit to emerge.

Winds play,
petal flickers away :
. . . loves me—
and another:
. . . loves me not—

If all petals fall before pollination,
there will be no fruit.

There’s a buzzing in the breeze:
. . . loves me—
A wing averts a petal’s blow,
winds gust:
. . . loves me not—
Instinct drives bee to center
as the last petal drops:
. . . loves me.



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