Let us not call it
a language barrier,
as long as we share borderless days
that pour sun and coffee into our cups
that we drink together
and smile about
until the gradual awareness of the quiet
makes us smile again,
sending away any guard of silence
so we can try a conversation,
shy and hesitant,
embroidered with gestures
tasseled with delicate laughter
and crocheted into a lovely lace
of what we know how to say
and of what we don’t,
like an intricate pattern
left by traces of coffee
at the bottom of our cups
from which we read the moment
and picture the future,
feeling we are conversing
in a shared language


One thought on “Conversing

  1. This is so beautiful. It reminds me of Rumi <3 It's like seeing the evolution of the spoken word through poetry and realising the art hasn't really changed or 'modernized' (in the vulgar sense). It's so pure.



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